Smart Detox Niacin + Sweat Protocol

The only detox program you will ever need! This protocol reduces fat-stored heavy metals and other toxic materials, and conditions your body to naturally eliminate toxins and free radicals that are responsible for damaging DNA, aging and causing certain types of cancers.

What it looks like: The Smart Detox Protocol uses niacin (B3), exercise and our Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas. The immediate release niacin mobilizes toxins from fat cells. Cardio and resistance exercise is used to get the toxins circulating  and to breakup fat cells throughout your body and muscles. The infrared saunas allow for toxins to release from your body via sweat! 

The Smart Detox Protocol is a daily, guided program complete with strict supplement guidelines (supplements provided), journaling, measurements and weigh-ins. The Protocol requires 2 hours a day and lasts 14+ days, with the average participant completing in 3 weeks time. 

Benefits of the Smart Detox:

  • Optimal Health
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Greater Energy 
  • Improved Cognition (17% Average increase of IQ!)
  • More Restful Sleep 
  • Increased Weight Loss
  • Reduced Aches and Pains 
  • Pre-pregnancy Preparation
  • Smoother, clearer skin
  • Higher Nutrient Absorption
  • Happier Attitude 
  • Enhanced Physique, Stamina

Smart Detox is the only protocol that:

* Has a 49 year proven track record. 

* Is used in drug detox centers worldwide.

* Gives long term results that last. 

* Removes toxins from where they are stored.

* Is proven in scientific literature and studies.

* Bypasses often clogged detox pathways.

*Removes virtually every type of toxin.

Smart Detox Maintenance Program:

Clients who have completed the Smart Detox Protocol are eligible to use our facilities at a 20% discounted rate. It is recommended to continue to use the sauna every few days after the Smart Detox Protocol to assist in continued toxin release.